Top explainer video trends to expect in 2021

Explore the top five explainer video trends shaping marketing strategies in 2021. Discover how technologies like 3D animation and augmented reality are revolutionizing audience engagement. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the evolving landscape of promotional videos.

Top explainer video trends to expect in 2021
explainer video trends

In the upcoming year 2021, explainer video trends are poised to play a significant role in shaping brands’ marketing strategies. These trends offer marketers a better opportunity for audience engagement. This article explores the top five explainer video trends expected in 2021 and how they will impact the advertising and promotional sectors.

Currently, explainer video services are highly popular. With evolving preferences, people now favor videos that concisely provide comprehensive information. Leveraging modern technologies such as 3D animation, 4D animation, liquid motion, augmented reality, and digital illustrations, videos are becoming more engaging and attention-grabbing. It’s evident that explainer videos are here to stay and will gain even more prominence in 2021. Below are details about the explainer video trends to watch out for:

 Mobile optimized videos

 Mobile optimized videos -KrishaStudio

Currently, the majority of internet users prefer browsing through their smartphones rather than PCs or laptops. Consequently, videos are primarily viewed on mobile devices. According to a report by HubSpot, nearly 99% of users watch videos on their smartphones.

Therefore, if a brand aims to capture customer attention or attract more viewers, it’s imperative to create mobile-optimized content. An explainer video can serve as an effective tool for businesses to reach their target audience. Hence, brands should prioritize creating videos that are mobile-friendly and cater to smartphone users.

Use of Augmented reality in

Use of Augmented reality in -KrishaStudio

Augmented reality transformed the technology sector to a great extent. With the proper implementation of augmented reality, viewers can get a realistic experience with computer-generated images and graphics. It allows them to find out more about what they can expect from a brand. AR can be of different forms- from a simple 3D bitmoji to computer-generated reality-bending graphics that offer real-life experience.

If you want to offer your audiences a more realistic experience through your videos, you need to include AR in your explainer video services. According to experts, AR videos will try to overlap real-life settings with computer-generated digital visual clips to offer a completely new experience.

 Liquid motion

 Liquid motion -Krishastudio

Another critical and emerging trend in the realm of explainer videos is the use of Liquid Motion. Liquid motion involves the fluid movement of objects, creating the illusion of continuous signals. This technique is often utilized to capture the viewer’s attention, providing seamless transitions between frames and enhancing engagement. As a result, videos incorporating liquid motion can effectively hold the viewer’s attention for longer durations.

However, due to its nature as a manually drawn animation technique, liquid motion is more complex and time-consuming compared to regular vector graphics. Additionally, these videos offer limited opportunities for adjustments and edits after creation. Nonetheless, the effort invested by animators and video designers in creating liquid motion videos is justified by the captivating end product.

Liquid motion is also employed to add psychedelic effects to videos, often combined with neon hues to create a vaporwave style with psychedelic elements within an explainer video.

Grainy texture

Grainy texture -KrishaStudio

Grainy textures are now becoming extremely popular in videos. This graphics trend is becoming more prominent and will be one of the leading trends in the coming year. The grainy texture will become more apparent in explainer videos. It helps to enhance videos with animations or other kinds of digital illustrations. Suppose you can add a grainy texture to an image. It may make energy more engaging and realistic.

The grainy texture will also be combined with other techniques to enhance the over-video-watching experience. For example, adding consistent granny texture to a motion graphic video allows you to offer real-life surface effects in any simple vector images. The grainy texture also enhances the appearance of images, as the visual looks original and creates an illusion of motion.


 Storytelling -KrishaStudio

Well, storytelling will be another prominent addition to the Explainer Video Trends. Even in the modern times of the 21st century, stories have their everlasting appeal. People still love to hear stories. With visual stories, explainer videos can be more engaging and viewer-friendly. With an account, you can help the viewers grasp things quickly and offer them every piece of information without any problem. People will love to watch them gather knowledge about your brand if you can provide them with a storytelling video with engaging content and exciting visuals.

Furthermore, storytelling videos are great for brand endorsement and allow the brand to effectively connect with its audiences. It will help you to pass on any information to the audience without degrading their experience.


These are the top five explainer video trends of 2021. In a nutshell, mobile-friendly videos, videos with a grainy texture, augmented reality, liquid motion, or storytelling videos will rule the market. All these trends allow the brands to design videos that are pleasing to the eye and offer informative content.

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