What’s expected in animated video marketing for 2021?

Discover the anticipated trends in animated video marketing for 2021. From innovative storytelling techniques to emerging technologies, learn how brands are leveraging animated videos to captivate audiences and drive engagement.

What’s expected in animated video marketing for 2021?

Animated video marketing has become an essential component of the marketing sector, with brands utilizing video content to engage with their audience, convey information about their latest offerings, and more. Presently, animated video marketing is popular due to its versatility and diverse approaches. Various animation techniques can be employed to create engaging and informative content that appeals to the audience base.

The key focus lies in delivering what your targeted audience needs. With a strategically designed animated video marketing plan, any brand can enhance its visibility among the masses and attract a larger customer base. This article provides insights into the latest trends in animated video marketing along with relevant statistics.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, brands are employing innovative techniques to capture the attention of their target audience. As advertising saturates various platforms, viewers seek engaging content that provides relevant information about desired services or products. Over time, video marketing has proven to be increasingly effective. Modern buyers often seek specifications or features about a brand before making a purchase, prompting brands to offer personalized video experiences through animated video marketing and interactive videos. This article offers details about the emerging trends in video marketing for 2021.

Why is video marketing important?

Well, video marketing is indeed a powerful marketing tool. It allows brands to offer an effective engagement platform with a personalized experience to their viewers. Additionally, the videos provide better audience engagement as it use audio content, video content, and emotional touches together simultaneously. The benefits of animated video marketing are broad and multi-faced. Here are the top three reasons that tell the importance of video marketing with animation or augmented reality-

Your brand gained familiarity among the targeted audience
Your brand gained familiarity among the targeted audience -KrishaStudio

One of the main benefits of video marketing is that it offers you more exposure. With proper advertisement video, you can attract your audiences effectively, and also allows you to become familiar with them. With exciting animation, eye-grabbing GIFs, and a logo, you can easily attract your audiences as a brand. Furthermore, the brand image gets a boost, and your brand may even become a trending one.

With video marketing, you can tell them about your brand effectively
With video marketing, you can tell them about your brand effectively -KrishaStudio

Another benefit of video marketing is that it allows you to send your messages to your audience. Videos also have another part- audio. Audio components like sound effects, voice-overs, music, etc. in a video advertisement make your video more engaging. The formal elements are also useful in attracting the attention of your viewers. Slogans, catchphrases, and jingles, can make people hear about your brand’s message.

Video marketing is great for helping people understand your mission and vision
Video marketing is great to understand your mission and vision -KrishaStudio

As a brand, you must have a mission and some set goals. There is nothing better than video marketing to make people understand your vision and business goals and what you want to offer to your customers and your targeted customer base. Video marketing is entertaining and engaging. You can use videos to educate your audiences about your new offerings. The viewers often prefer videos with informative content and a dash of humor. With proper strategy, you can easily make people hear your message and open a communication channel with them.

Interesting video marketing statistics 2020

Interesting video marketing statistics  -KRishaStudio

Are you eager to use video marketing for your brand? Then you need to check the stats once. On the other hand, those who are still confused and need to know how animated video marketing can offer an advantage to your brand. Here are some vital stats that you need to check. These facts will compel you to try video marketing for brand promotion and general awareness-

  1. According to HubSpot, nearly 92% of brands and organizations have made video promotion an integral part of their marketing campaign. The number has increased from just 78% brands in 2015 to this stage. These stats indicate that video marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies which offer effective results.
  2. In the case of the B2B sector, short and educational video advertisements are on the rise. The video which is less than 1 minute long has a competition rate of 68% in 2019 against the 25% completion rate of videos that are very long(more than 20 minutes). Marketing charts reported these statistics.
  3. As per Google’s official source Think with Google, the advertising movies have been star performers. The watch time of such voices has increased by nearly 800% in the last year.
  4. As per Marketing Charts, an average person used to spend 84 minutes in a day to watch videos in 2019. The number will increase, and people will spend nearly 100 minutes per day watching the video.

Top five animated marketing trends in 2020-2021

Top five animated marketing trends -KrishaStudio

So, what do you think about animated videos? You might think that these are for children or young ones. But, the animated videos have a broader audience base. Adults also love animated videos if these are according to their preferred niche. So, it can be said that animated video marketing will be more prominent in 2021. Here are some more details about the trends that you need to watch out

Anime explainer videos: Explainer videos are becoming popular with brands. These are a kind of educational video that allows a brand or organization to offer information about their products or services creatively. The examiner videos are often short(on an average of 1 minute long) and allow a brand to use customized video illustrations, animations, etc. to make it creative and educational. The explainer videos can be simple and even complicated according to the audience base of the marketer. These videos are extremely popular with B2B companies. Multiple brands from different sectors like the healthcare, real estate, digital marketing, and financial sectors are using animated explainer videos to attract the attention of their audience.

2D and 3D animated promotional videos: The 2D and 3D videos are becoming popular for brand promotion as well. A lot of brands are switching to animated videos to promote their brands. Animated commercials are versatile and engaging. You can use animation and illustrations in different ways to attract your targeted audience. Furthermore, the animated promo videos are ideal for different settings like trade fairs, online promotional campaigns, social media campaigns, web page advertisements, landing pages, and even for product demonstrations. Animated videos often allow the viewers to form an emotional bond with the advertisement and the advertiser. It may encourage the viewers to become loyal clients of the marketer.

Animation+ Live-motion: Augmented reality or combining animation with live-motion is also another trend that will become more prominent in 2021. Combining these two things can help you design an engaging video that offers a realistic experience to the viewers. These videos provide brands with attractive and unique videos.

Whiteboard marketing videos: whiteboard advertisements are here to stay. They will gain a lot of popularity in 2020. Such videos offer unique scope. The whiteboard animations involve hand-drawn, free-flowing animations that look like artists are drawing them. The whiteboard animations are more affordable than the 3D animations and offer a vast scope. Another advantage of the whiteboard animation advertisement is that it can be customized as per your objective. The illustrations are great for providing information concisely. These videos allow the viewers to grasp the information faster without any complications. Whiteboards are great for educational videos, promotional videos, and even short trailers and promos. You can use them in any way you like.

Integration in the marketing funnel: With the progression of video marketing, it is now an essential part of the whole marketing funnel. It has an active role in everything from the start to the end. Video marketing offers customer engagement and remains with the viewer till the end when the viewer becomes the customer of a particular brand. With video marketing, brands can offer useful tips and information to their audience base. If it is appropriately implemented, it can help a brand to reach more customers at once and also expand its horizon.


In the end, animated video marketing is here to stay. It is versatile, informative, and engaging. The videos allow any brand to send their messages to their audience base so that the audience can view, hear, and understand the letters from the video effectively. If a brand can design good video content, it can find better business opportunities and get more customers. So, if you want to allow your business to grow further in 2021, you need to embrace animated videos for marketing purposes.

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