How to create a great video marketing strategy for 2021

Learn how to create a successful video marketing strategy for 2021 with our step-by-step guide. Discover tips and techniques for content planning, production, distribution, and measurement to achieve your marketing goals.

How to create a great video marketing strategy for 2021
video marketing strategy

The year 2020 was marked by a string of upsetting events as far as businesses were concerned, primarily because of the sudden outbreak of the pandemic and its ensuing repercussions. Businesses and organizations that exhibited a lot of flexibility swiveled and endured the unpredictable changes which even had the potential to drastically upend marketing strategies and initiatives. Nonetheless, with the advent of 2021, more changes are expected to take place in an expeditious manner. Amid these unsettled situations, a lot of marketing teams can significantly and steadily benefit from reaching their goals by creating a pliable video marketing strategy and putting it into action.

Read on to gain an understanding of key tips required to develop a responsive and productive video marketing strategy time ahead.

The emergence of marketing videos

In the course of 2020, a number of marketing teams, intentionally or otherwise, were found trying out several strategies to get past the volatile scenario. Incidents of trade shows getting canceled or changed to online presentations were common occurrences. This resulted in a discernible shift in marketing spend. Also, more and more customers spent sizeable time online. With lesser away-from-home options for diversion, the use of social media and OTT channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. became predominant. This trend brought the fact to light that digital advertising provided the most effective means to get in direct touch with customers.

Even though the uncertainties put forward by the pandemic flare-up compelled lots of businesses to curtail their overall marketing budgets, the promotion of digital channels sets the seal on the effectiveness of nearly 80 percent of expenses sustained. In continuity with this trend, leading CMOs have a belief in the potential growth of digital budgets in 2021. Roughly 74 percent look ahead to increasing budget allocation to digital advertising which includes social media marketing and OTT video ads.

Albeit, it’s difficult to precisely forecast the nature of growth of investment planned in 2021, yet the statistics from 2020 give us a clear-cut indication. In September 2020, TV-enabled digital media experienced a surge in use by 19 percent in contrast to the numbers in 2019. All at once, consumers started to increasingly make the most of mobile apps and social media. Also, the heightened awareness of apps meant for sharing short videos prompted Instagram to launch Reels. This development led to the creation of plentiful additional video channels which in turn amplified viewer engagement.

Also, during these turbulent times, a lot of marketers became aware of the fact that their customers have to cope with anxiety and loneliness and are more than willing to look for community engagement. At this juncture putting in more resources to foster existing customers was apparently more relevant than seeking new prospects. All these insights were helpful in delineating a robust video marketing strategy and set it in motion in 2021. The strategy encourages more video production, puts a greater emphasis to connect through social media, and listens to customer wants and woes.

4 video marketing trends that will hold sway in 2021

As you fabricate your video marketing plans and strategies, be mindful of the following 4 key predictions.

Social distancing will continue to stick around

Social distancing will continue to stick around -KrishaStudio

Since of late, the pandemic has seen a sudden upsurge, a new lockdown and social distancing guidelines will once again be put in place which may linger well for the next 2 to 3 months. Therefore, in the course of Q1 and Q2, the milieu will be more video-centric with barely any trade shows or one-on-one opportunities. It’s time marketers geared themselves up to confront this inevitability. Even if face-to-face communication resumes, odds are consumers will follow a cautionary period during which they won’t be really ready for in-person re-engagements. A video can thus be hooked up amidst these momentous shifts.

Animation will be highly sought-after

Animation will be highly sought-after -KrishaStudio

With social distancing rules in place, live-action videos are more prone to face additional challenges. The whole concept of conducting a live-action video isn’t impossible though. However, it calls for extra planning to ensure safety. Consequently, a growing number of marketers may fall back on animation which is relatively less affected because of social distancing.

3D animation will show more advancement

3D animation -KrishaStudio

The popularity of 3D animation will be widespread as more and more businesses will begin adopting it with technological progression and stepping up its affordability. In case, you have so far shied away from experimenting with animation because of budget constraints, perhaps, now is the time to reevaluate your options.

TikTok may rebegin a radical change

TikTok may rebegin a radical change -KrishaStudio

The app is known for being informal and instantaneous. Businesses are going to capitalize on these two unique traits at full tilt. The unprecedented success of the app has given plenty of insights to deliberate on. Viewers will show a preference for brief and more visually appealing videos. As a result, marketers need to rustle up lively, absorbing content. This can be achieved through creativity, planning, commitment, and even at a low budget.

How to put the video marketing strategy into practice?

Acquiring such profound knowledge is indeed fascinating. But have you ever thought about how to implement them in your video marketing strategy?

Make your priorities the selling point

Make your priorities the selling point -KrishaStudio

In case you still haven’t zeroed in on your priorities, make sure a community build-up and the creation of videos that evoke interest turn out to be your main objectives.

Choose your channels

Choose your channels -KrishaStudio

Find out the places where your target audience spends most of their time. Various streaming channels and social media can be the most appropriate choices as far as B2C marketers are concerned. On the other side, B2B marketers may be more inclined to make an investment in virtual events.

Develop an effective community

Develop an effective community -KrishaStudio

Right now, because of stay-at-home orders, customers are keener to remain connected online. So, when your business comes up with immense opportunities for entertainment and engagement, you increase the likelihood to amass gainful returns. Here, the three aspects you need to mull over while contemplating building a customer community are quality, connectivity, and authenticity.

Ensure flexibility

Ensure flexibility -KrishaStudio

In this context, you shouldn’t invest in a single channel more than what’s necessary. In doing so, you bring in lots of scopes to react and rejoin when situations improve in the long run. Thankfully, video marketing continues to be a decent investment idea irrespective of extraneous factors. The advantage lies in remodeling the videos from an online to in-person setup when circumstances demand.


Social media videos can impinge on a wavering influence on paid promotional and campaigns. The moot point is where exactly you’re supposed to place the videos when you create them. Herein comes the need to team up with the right business video marketing partner that can lend a hand in transforming your video marketing strategy into something powerful and cogent.


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