Why It’s Important to Use Animated Explainer Videos on Your Business Website

Krisha Studio | August 31, 2019 | Explainer Video
Why It’s Important to Use Animated Explainer Videos on Your Business Website
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Explainer videos are short videos that businesses use to explain their vision, innovative ideas, upcoming promotional offers, lucrative discounts or in various other ways. The businesses may use an animated explainer video to explain an idea or any subject in a comprehensible and engaging manner to the prospective or current clients as well as to any viewer. The explainer videos have been found to increase the dwell-time of customers/viewers on a web-page making it possible for the businesses to effectively deliver any message.

The recent market surveys regarding the effectiveness of explainer videos revealed that –
 animated explainer video
  • According to 97% of the marketers, the videos present the services/products in a more comprehensible manner and led to an increase in the conversion rate by as much as 80%.
  • The explainer videos increased the overall sales according to 76% of marketers. The explainer videos reduced the support queries of customers according to 47% of marketers.
  • According to 76% of the marketers, explainer videos increased online traffic.
  • 80% of marketers believe that explainer videos have increased the dwell-time of the users.
  • 78% of marketers also believe that explainer videos increase ROI.
The recent market surveys also reveal that –
  • In 2018, 85% of marketers have made videos an integral part of marketing strategy which is up from 82% in 2017.
  • In 2018, 82% of businesses are going to increase investment in video marketing.

The aforementioned statistics show the effectiveness and rising popularity of animated explainer videos and 99% of the businesses are willing to continue using the explainer videos in the future. You can also enjoy the benefits of explainer videos through expert animated explainer video services, such as KWT Studio. These web-experts can create personalized videos for any website according to the demands of the target audience or customers as well as a website’s type or a business’ vision, as different videos fulfill different requirements.

Key Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

1. More Engaging to Users
More Engaging to Users

Any video content is processed 50,000 times faster than the textual content. Therefore, it becomes easier for audiences to process video content. The tasks that are less demanding in a cognitive way are more acceptable to the human brain. It also becomes possible for a viewer to learn about any subject in details in a short span of time when watching a video in comparison to reading a lengthy text. Hence, a video-based content seems more engaging to the viewers and can greatly increase the users’ dwell-time on your website.

2. Improved SEO
Improved SEO

An increase in dwell-time also improves your website’s SEO ranking. The leading search-engines prefer websites where audiences spend more time. A website is 53 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page if it has an embedded video-content on its website. This preference is available from all leading search-engines and it results in an improvement in SEO ranking.

3. Presence of YouTube for Maximum Visibility & Reliability
YouTube for Maximum Visibility & Reliability

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine after Google and can bring maximum traffic to your website. The expert animated explainer video services, such as KWT studio, can create personalized explainer videos according to your requirements and help you become visible on this platform. A recent survey reveals that the search for explanatory videos has gone up 70% over the past couple of years. Hence, these videos can maximize your visibility whilst helping you build a strong relationship with the target audience or customers. An explainer video also presents a business as a knowledgeable service-provider.


Video contents increase the conversion rate up to 4.8% because it easily convinces a large audience to invest in a product or service. A video-content also maximizes your business’ visibility on social media or during the email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is wise to use an animated explainer video on your merchant website and other transactional platforms

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