6 undeniable reasons to include videos in the marketing strategy of every business

Explore the undeniable benefits of integrating videos into your business marketing strategy. Enhance engagement and drive growth now!

6 undeniable reasons to include videos in the marketing strategy of every business
Video Marketing Strategy

Video based content guarantees better exposure for businesses because one-third of the current online activity relates to watching videos. Well-structured textual content may be an important and effective part of a digital marketing strategy. Visual marketing using video-based content may become a game-changer and bring extraordinary results.

  • It is a fact that video-based content can generate revenue almost 50% faster than content without video.
  • Video content helps SEO specialists, as they can increase their search ranking on the leading search engines, such as Google, at an exponential rate. Recent research shows that blogs that include videos can increase organic search results by up to 157%.
  • Video production services can also improve search traffic. A video-based ‘thumbnail’ can double this traffic when embedded into the search results.

These statistics prove the effectiveness of video-based content. However, there are a variety of reasons to include video-based content in the marketing strategy of modern businesses.

Improving retention of information & social engagement

  • The Content Marketing Institute believes that audiences like to share, embed, engage or comment on video content 10 times more than blogs or other social media content.
  • The renowned Internet service provider WordStream believes that 59% of people are likely to choose video-based content over textual content if both are present on the same platform.
  • HubSpot (developer and marketer of software products) believes that 55% of the viewers thoroughly watch the videos.

In this jet-speed lifestyle, the viewers can quickly and easily receive all the information from the video content. Experienced marketers believe that businesses that invest in video-based content alongside professionally written textual content can increase the engagement rate by 28%.

Personalized showcasing

Businesses may use the videos to create a distinctive and unforgettable image for their brands.

  • They may use behind-the-scenes videos to inform the viewers about their products/services in a distinctive fashion.
  • The videos of clients’ testimonials can truly brighten a brand’s image. According to Social Fresh, the testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating for content marketing.
  • Businesses may also use the videos to connect with their customers. The presence of a human’s voice can humanize the shopping experience for customers.
  • Businesses can stand out amidst their competitors using videos. These videos may showcase a business’ vision, uniqueness, the personality of the staff, and their cultural aspects.

Higher ROI

An investment that does not generate optimum Return on Investment (ROI) is a fruitless investment. The modern marketers believe that video-based contents can generate the highest ROI for businesses. The marketing professionals witnessed 49% faster growth in business revenue after incorporating the video-based content into their website or blogs. The recent studies also reveal that 74% of the users bought a product immediately after watching an explainer video. Hence, the video production services can improve ROI with unique video-based contents.

Boost on Google ranking

The main goal of any type of marketing strategy is to improve the visibility of a brand or a service provider. Digital marketing improves a business’ visibility on the online platform. It enables viewers to quickly find a brand, which increases the lead for any business. Professional marketers may use video-based content on social media. These videos can strongly impact a business’ position in search engine results and boost its SEO ranking.

A survey shows that websites that use videos are likely to show up on Google’s first page 53 times better than the websites that do not use videos. However, businesses can only achieve this result with the application of best SEO tactics along with engaging video content. It is also essential to write engaging and effective descriptions and titles for the videos. A combination of engaging video and an interesting description may pursue the viewers towards the sales funnel and encourage them to take actions. Hence, a video content can boost the SEO ranking on Google whilst improving a business’ profit margin.

One video, multiple applications

The textual blogs are somewhat limited when it comes to repetitive applications. The authority blogs do not publish a blog that another website has already published due to the strict rules of leading search engines. Google penalizes a website if it publishes a duplicate blog. There may be some effective measures to circumnavigate this outcome; however, most websites are unwilling to take the risk. These restrictions do not apply to video-based content.

The businesses may embed one video into their websites while posting the same video on YouTube or Veoh. They may even upload the same video on Facebook. They may also encourage others to share the same video on their websites. Hence, it is possible to use one video multiple times. It is also possible to use the same video for podcasting. Hence, video can increase a website’s visibility in a dozen different ways that are impossible for textual content.

Comfort of video

In 2017, 49.7% of the total web page views happened through mobile devices around the world. This statistic proves that most viewers use mobile devices to access the Internet. Textual content is harder to read on mobile devices, irrespective of the screen’s size or the responsiveness of a website. However, the video contents are not difficult to view on any screen. It is more likely for viewers to watch a video instead of read a text when using mobile devices. Hence, it is prudent for businesses to make video content a part of their marketing strategy.


Video content can help businesses gain the highest level of exposure they desire. The invention of the latest software applications enables businesses to create a video without third-party assistance. It significantly reduces the cost of production. Video production services are also able to create different types of videos within the clients’ budget. The versatile application of video content also enables a business to improve its visibility in a cost effective manner. Hence, all types of businesses can benefit from this latest digital marketing strategy and enjoy increased ROI along with the highest search engine ranking.


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