10 Examples of the best corporate videos

Explore 10 inspiring examples of the best corporate videos for ideas and inspiration. From storytelling to production quality, discover how these videos effectively engage audiences and elevate brand messaging.

10 Examples of the best corporate videos

You might be thinking about creating a corporate video to advertise your company and increase brand recognition because you’ve undoubtedly heard about how well video content can be used to reach your target audience.

Businesses are increasingly using video as an effective tool for spreading their ideas and producing interesting content that connects with consumers. They offer a powerful means to promote your company’s beliefs with the entire organization and a way to get your firm recognized and recalled by potential clients.

Corporate videos may also increase viewer confidence in you and make them feel more comfortable making purchases from you. We’ve compiled 10 incredible examples of the greatest corporate videos in this article to serve as inspiration for your corporate videos in 2023. 

Top 10 Corporate Videos Example

1. Netflix — Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

Several corporate video instances that only list a company’s principles and give a brief overview of its culture are undoubtedly familiar to you. The terrible reality is that unless your audience can clearly understand what you mean by them and understand the potential influence they may have on their life, those essential parts of your brand will come across as just empty phrases.

Employees describe in this video what the brand’s values mean to them and how they live up to them in both their professional and personal lives. Corporate videos may assist you in correctly and effectively communicating complex concepts such as your company’s basic principles.

2. Starbucks — Helping Coffee Farmers Adapt to Changes in the Environment

Your brand may be strengthened and a stronger relationship with your consumers can be developed by learning more about your business and the places where the components and materials that go into your goods are sourced. Corporate videos may also assist with that by enabling you to demonstrate the procedure your product goes through before it is placed on shop shelves.

Starbucks explains where its coffee beans come from, the difficulties the farmers are now facing, and the steps the firm is taking to assist them in this incredibly brief video. They may emphasize the significance of sustainability and the welfare of the community in this way.

3. Microsoft

Corporate videos can be used to communicate about your company’s goals as well as any changes, especially significant ones. Consider Microsoft’s rebranding. The interesting corporate video from Microsoft discusses a rebranding they made for their Los Angeles office. The fact that Microsoft also included interviews with the branding firm that assisted with the revamp is intriguing.

If it supports the message, you want your audience to see in your business videos, you can include outside testimonies.

4. Superside

Superside is an advertising tool that collaborates with Vidico to display corporate videos. This group produced two corporate videos that address novel and typical pain points. The videos are on-brand, educational, and visually stunning, and they quickly convey important points. 

They meet business requirements and tell engaging tales about the company’s objectives and values. Corporate videos from Superside and Vidico were created with both existing and potential customers in mind.

In these commercials, both businesses create straightforward, captivating videos. They provide a fresh method of visual communication that speaks everything about the company’s brand image.

5. Delta Airlines — What to Expect During an Interview to Become a Delta Flight Attendant

Even when they are completely qualified for a position, some people may decide not to apply because of the ambiguity regarding a company’s recruiting procedure. It could be an excellent strategy to offer knowledge about the hiring procedure while addressing any worries candidates may have when creating corporate videos specifically for prospective employees.

One of the better corporate video examples available is this one from Delta Airlines since it provides a full explanation of the recruitment process from the perspectives of three distinct candidates. These individuals may offer advice on how to prepare for the interview because every one of them has their own unique perspectives.

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6. Three Sixty Property Group

In this corporate video, the storyteller talks about Three Sixty Property Group’s ideals while playing supplemental video clips. One thing to take note of is the fact that Three Sixty Property Group produced their own video clips as opposed to using animation or graphics. While some businesses benefit from animation, some videos benefit more from using actual people.

Consider your brand while creating your own corporate video to choose the best video genre for your company.

7. Metropolitan airports commission

Airports are perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about inventive employee onboarding videos. However, the new hiring video from the Metropolitan Airports Commission does a lot to demonstrate the range of staff they have. These workers recall their first day at work and discuss why they enjoy working with MAC.

The organization shows in the video its potential to assist employees’ long-term pleasure in a variety of ways, conveying a desire for this.  Your business may benefit from this corporate video example as well!


Apple is a technological innovator, and its corporate video represents this by featuring a variety of users of its products in various contexts.

The biggest surprise, however, occurs at the very end when just a few words of text that says, “Shot in one day entirely on iPhone,” appears on the screen.

Apple purposefully stays silent while letting its brand and core principles shine.

9. General Motors — Employee Benefits at GM

It’s always an excellent idea to create a piece that emphasizes the advantages that employees may experience by working in the company to enjoy it as part of your video marketing plan. Speaking about motivating the viewers to apply for an open position.

Here is one of the more effective corporate video examples we’ve seen in that regard. It attracted our attention since it has actual employees explaining their preferred employee benefit and the effect it has had on their lives. As a consequence, the message is genuine and accessible, making it simple for the audience to relate.

10. Peakon — Meet Our Product Development Team

Consider including the individuals in charge of it if you want to talk about the services your business provides. Nobody can explain something’s workings better than the people who really created it.

If you’re searching for a supplement to an existing marketing campaign, this piece is unquestionably among the greatest corporate video examples you can use as inspiration. Your staff, who take joy in their job, may humanize your company’s image and the goods or services you provide, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.


The ability to effectively employ a tool that may not only communicate vital information about a certain organization but also enable viewers to really understand as well as experience the idea is a priceless asset. No matter who the target audience is, businesses of all sizes and in all sectors may profit from having their own corporate videos. 

The effectiveness of social media marketing, creative insight, and technological know-how are shown in these corporate video examples for producing interesting and emotionally relevant content. These videos may successfully convey a brand’s message and highlight its value propositions by fusing narrative approaches with eye-catching images.


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