10 important Facebook video marketing statistics that your business may benefit from in 2019

Explore 10 essential Facebook video-marketing statistics to propel your business forward in 2019. Harness the power of data for enhanced engagement and growth!

10 important Facebook video marketing statistics that your business may benefit from in 2019
Facebook Video-Marketing

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, with 2.2 billion monthly active users. Therefore, it is crucial to have a robust Facebook video marketing strategy if you want to improve your brand’s image, visibility, and number of leads. Trendy features of Facebook can be used to increase users’ awareness and engagement. The following statistics indicate how a video-marketing strategy for Facebook can yield optimal benefits for your business in 2019 as well as in the coming years.

Billions of Viewers

Facebook brings your brand closer to an immense number of potential customers, with around 2.2 billion monthly active users. It is also possible to share the videos on other social media platforms, such as Facebook. Hence, video content has the potential to reach numerous additional viewers. It is also possible for the viewers to share a video. A video may be recycled multiple times and can capture the attention of the maximum number of viewers.

Native Videos Show Better Performance

The ‘Native’ Facebook videos have been created specifically for this platform or have been uploaded onto this platform. These videos can perform 10 times better than the links to the videos that are being hosted on other websites. It is essential to remember this fact if you want to optimize the content dissemination process and want to reach a maximum number of viewers.

Curt but Effective

When creating a video for any social media platform, it is vital to align the length of the video according to the viewers’ requirements. Content creators and marketers need to pay attention to this feature to entertain the viewers without losing their attention. The Facebook videos that are 45 seconds to 1 minute in length have been found to perform better than the videos that are longer or shorter in length.

Crucial First Impression

Facebook and Nielsen conducted a joint survey. It revealed that the first three seconds of a video campaign can generate 47% of its value, as 74% of the viewers watched the video for less than 10 seconds. These numbers show the importance of the first three seconds of video content. However, it is equally important to make quality videos to ensure the success of any campaign.

Branded Videos are Favorite

The numbers show that the sponsored video contents are liked by the viewers more than the other types of videos. The visibility of branded video content has increased by almost 258% between 2016 and 2017. It is an impressive number which shows that Facebook is the best place for branding, and it is crucial to remember this fact when strategizing for social media marketing.

Better Engagement with Live Videos

The statistics show that the viewers like to watch the ‘live’ videos three times as much as the recorded videos. The ‘Live’ videos have been found to generate more comments (as much as 10 times) than the regular videos. This is another important Facebook video marketing strategy to remember to utilize the maximum potential of this platform.

Vertical Videos are Trendy

The ‘Vertical’ videos have become the latest trend. These videos are not only supported by Instagram and IGTV. These videos can be equally beneficial when used on Facebook, as the younger users mostly use mobile devices in order to access this platform. The surveys reveal that ‘Vertical’ videos can reach over 50% more viewers in comparison to other types of videos. These cost-effective videos are also capable of generating higher post-engagement levels.

Mobile Friendly Videos

With a steady increase in the number of websites being accessed via mobile devices, Facebook videos are viewed via mobile phones or e-tablets five times more than other devices. Hence, it is important to emphasize the creation of videos that run smoothly on mobile devices.

Emphasis on Visual Storytelling

On Facebook, around 85% of videos are being watched or telecast without any sound. This number proves the importance of visual storytelling. It is equally prudent to use subtitles when telecasting the videos without any sound. The use of ‘Sign’ language in videos with actors is another prudent step, as it can send messages to viewers who have trouble hearing.

Increased Organic Traffic

Facebook videos receive around 135% more organic traffic in comparison to images or other types of content. This number proves the significance of Facebook video marketing for all types of businesses to generate more leads while improving their SEO ranking.


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