10 Types of Corporate Video Production

Explore the world of corporate video production with this guide to 10 different types of videos. Whether you're looking to showcase your brand, educate employees, or engage customers, discover the variety of options available to meet your business needs.

10 Types of Corporate Video Production

To stand out as a leader, companies aspire to excel in their field, both internally and within the market. Crafting corporate videos has become a strategic tool for enterprises to gain an edge by creating informative videos with crucial messages.

At some point, every business will need to produce corporate videos for their marketing goals. Whether you’re contemplating launching a video production service or managing an existing team for video production within your company, understanding the components of a standard corporate video holds valuable insights.

Understand corporate video production

Corporate videos are crafted by businesses or institutions to promote products or services, cultivating interest to boost brand recognition. The storyboard guides the production of the video, enabling it to flow from one static scene to another.

A more detailed approach incorporates an action plan that identifies locations that should be included in the video project and other planning considerations such as budget, time frame, etc. They can also educate audiences about a company’s values and vision.

Though originating from diverse industries and varying in duration from a few minutes to several hours, corporate videos consistently embody vital elements. Furthermore, they target various audiences with subtle differences in content and style.

The benefits of corporate video production

As mentioned, corporate videos are a powerful tool to showcase products or services, be it a company’s offerings or integral components of its overarching brand. Videos possess the unique ability to offer potential customers a more tangible experience compared to other promotional mediums.

A video production firm can visually depict the product and its functionality using computer graphics and special effects. Rather than just reading about its workings, viewers can directly witness the real-world impact of utilizing the service.

Here, we delve into 10 distinct types of corporate video production prevalent in various industries

1.  Company Overview

Company Overview - KrishaStudio

This video usually lasts one to two minutes, is shot in a small studio, and features the company’s president or CEO. Typically, the interviewer works in sales, marketing, public relations, or customer service. Some organizations have a designated ‘storyteller’ who explains the company’s mission and how their services help clients achieve their goals.

2.  Promotional Video

Promotional Video - KrishaStudio

Promotional videos, which typically last 30 to 60 seconds, quickly deliver information about time-sensitive discounts or unique opportunities. Businesses and individuals may use the power of these platforms to efficiently communicate time-limited offers to a more prominent online audience, maximizing their promotional reach and impact.

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3.  Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial - KrishaStudio

Testimonial videos feature individuals sharing firsthand experiences with a company, product, or service. Unlike an interview, these videos capture the person directly addressing the camera, highlighting the positive outcomes they’ve achieved through the company’s offerings. Often found on websites or blogs as product reviews.

4.  Video Conference

Video Conference - KrishaStudio

Often used for on-site meetings between business partners, these videos are usually shot in a conference room. Again, they are captured by filmmakers and edited to feature critical speakers. These videos are most used for companies with multiple office locations.

5.  Internal Communication Video

Internal Communication Video - Krishastudio

The primary purpose of an internal communication video is to educate employees about the company’s policies, procedures, and reporting processes. Typically lasting around 30 seconds, these videos are most common as part of onboarding programs or as a means to communicate with employees across various functions such as HR or Finance.

Some company websites utilize them to explain benefits packages or other financial assistance provided to their staff members. Internal communication videos foster a sense of belonging among employees and aid in comprehending their roles within the organization. These videos often adopt a personal approach, leveraging employee stories to promote the brand and company culture.

6.  Employee Onboarding Video

Employee Onboarding Video - KrishaStudio

An excellent tool to welcome new team members, this type of video familiarizes them with the company’s inner workings and culture. Particularly beneficial for expediting the integration of employees, especially those working in a different language.

 7.   Corporate Culture Video

Corporate Culture Video - KrishaStudio

Corporate culture videos delve into a company’s business practices by catering to internal and external audiences. These videos feature employee testimonials and visual snippets of day-to-day operations, differentiating the brand from industry peers.

8.  Training/How-To Video

Training/How-To Video - KrishaStudio

Virtually any task within most companies can be taught to a new employee through video. From how to operate office equipment to an overview of the company’s administrative policies, these videos cater to employees seeking knowledge on how to perform tasks they otherwise might not.

This type of video is beneficial for training remote employees and those in managerial positions who oversee several team members. Educational in nature, these videos guide viewers through tasks and objectives. Narrated steps facilitate viewers’ understanding of the process, serving internal purposes such as employee training and external purposes like direct engagement with potential customers.

9.  Day in the Life Video

Day in the Life Video - KrishaStudio

Capturing multiple employees over time, day-in-the-life videos document their typical activities at the office or on location. They are used for employee recruitment, PR campaigns, and branding endeavors. Day in the Life Video is the most popular format among companies.

10.  Corporate Social Responsibility Video

Corporate Social Responsibility Video - KrishaStudio

These videos are critical in showcasing a company’s commitment to ethical ideals such as community participation and environmental sustainability.

These videos frequently include informative interviews with key executives, including the CEO, to strategically establish the firm as a forerunner. Organizations that properly use such videos can highlight their CSR activities and strengthen their brand and credibility as supporters of responsible business practices.


In conclusion, the brand recognition and trust that video production brings to your business can be profitable and invaluable for your organization. You can set your organization apart from competitors with professional equipment, expertise in videography, and practical techniques for branding video production services.

These are merely a few of the corporate video types encountered in daily scenarios. They collectively convey what sets a company apart from competitors and how it contributes to the local community.

Most corporate videos conclude with a compelling tagline that reinforces the video’s message and brand, stimulating interest or sales. For those intrigued by corporate video production, don’t hesitate to reach out for further insights.

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