5 stats that prove the power of animation video

Discover 5 impactful statistics showcasing the potential of animation videos. From boosting brand recall to driving website traffic, see how animation can revolutionize your marketing strategy!

5 stats that prove the power of animation video

Explaining your services or products comprehensively might require a thousand words, but expecting your target audience to read through all of that at any given time is unrealistic. However, they can easily spare two minutes to watch a short video—whether it’s at a bus stop, in a college corridor, or during their commute. That’s precisely why you have just 120 seconds to convey everything to your customers. Fortunately, achieving this is entirely feasible with the help of an animation and video production company.

Animation videos have the power to work wonders. They are an effective means of keeping your visitors engaged on your website. Not only do they improve the conversion rate, but they also boost leads and sales.

Power of animation video

Help you stand out from the competition

More than 85% of businesses are leveraging video as a potent marketing tool, a figure that rose to 87% in the previous year. Furthermore, 92% of marketers emphasize the necessity of incorporating videos into their strategies. As digital marketing becomes increasingly competitive, it’s essential to carve out a strong position in the industry and enhance success rates. Thus, integrating animation videos into the marketing strategy is paramount.

An interesting explainer video on the landing page can boost the conversion rate by 85%. Animation videos not only ensure engagement but also boost leads and sales. And that’s why now most business owners are interested in investing in animation videos. It just makes communication easy and tempting. According to a study, 84% of people agreed that they purchased after watching a video. A video is there to convince your visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Increase the engagement rate

You have to engage your potential as well as existing customers. They should feel your presence. Otherwise, you know the term ‘out of sight out of mind’. To engage your customers daily, video content is a great way. Nowadays, people spend more time watching online videos. Animated videos are the best way to communicate with all the customers and visitors impressively without taking too much time.

Help clients understand your products and services

A sales meeting holds immense importance in making a lasting impression on new customers. While a dull PowerPoint presentation might fail to keep your audience engaged, an animation video can work wonders. The motion, characters, voiceovers, and music in an animated video help keep the audience connected and captivated. Regardless of your client’s location, a concise animated video can effectively showcase the potential of your product or service. Its ability to communicate and convince can leave a lasting impression on clients, ultimately leading to successful deals.

Develop your brand awareness

Promoting a brand can be challenging, especially in a saturated market with similar products and services. Communicating your unique selling proposition (USP) and making it appealing to your target audience requires effective communication and persuasion. Animation videos excel in this regard, as they can explain your brand to a wider audience in a short amount of time. With compelling visuals and engaging storytelling, animation videos can effectively convey your brand’s message and attract more attention to your offerings.

Stats about animation video
Stats about animation video -KrishaStudio
  • 83% of digital marketers say that animated videos helped them to generate more leads.
  • 43% of video marketers say that it has reduced the number of support calls
  • 84% of people agreed that videos convinced them to buy a product
  • 74% of people say that videos inspired them to download an app or a piece of software
  • 88% of video marketers are going to include YouTube by 2020 in their video marketing strategy
  • 83% of video marketers said that including YouTube was a successful plan for them

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