Benefits of using engaging and informative videos when promoting a business

Discover how engaging and informative videos can elevate your business promotion strategy. Increase brand awareness and drive results!

Benefits of using engaging and informative videos when promoting a business
Benefits of using video content - KrishaStudio

In recent years, around 76.5% of the small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners and professional marketers believe that video marketing left a positive impact on their businesses. Subsequently, the video content will own more than 80% of the Internet traffic by 2019. Digital marketing agencies are aware of the increasing demand of video-based content. Hence, they develop a variety of videos using different types of formats to engage the target users. The leading video creation services have already used a variety of techniques, such as live broadcasting, product demos, user-generated videos, introductory videos, informative sessions, and explainer videos, to facilitate the growth of a company.

  • By the year 2021, live videos are predicted to own around 13% of Internet traffic.
  • It is a fact that the open rate of e-mails increases by 19% with the mention of the word – video.
  • Nowadays, around 87% of all marketers use different types of video content in marketing strategies.
  • A video on the landing page of a website can also improve the rate of conversion by 80%.
  • Modern businesses also spend 35% of their online advertising budget on video advertising.
  • Around 90% of consumers also believe that video content can influence their purchasing decisions, and around 64% of online shoppers buy products after watching related videos.

These statistics show the importance of video content for all modern businesses. Professional video creation services can develop personalized videos according to their clients’ requirements.

Benefits of using video content

Easy accessibility

The video contents enjoy the favor of leading search engines, such as Google. Hence, it is easier to find and access these contents over the Internet. The frequent sharing of video-based content also improves its accessibility. The businesses may even upload promotional and explainer videos on social media platforms to reach thousands of viewers at once. This type of sharing can significantly improve a brand’s recognition. It is also possible to easily access the videos on both mobile and stationary devices. The easier accessibility increases the importance of video content for the promotion of any brand.

Higher search engine rankings

Businesses can improve their visibility on leading search engines through search engine optimization, or SEO. The addition of a video can significantly boost this visibility because 62% of the universal searches on Google include videos. If a business embeds a video into the official website along with the right keywords, then it may drive numerous viewers towards the website. In the recent past, Google took over YouTube. This acquisition created an excellent opportunity for businesspeople. They may publish a video on YouTube and enjoy direct visibility through Google. It increases the number of leads and search engine ranking.

Personalized and innovative approach

Businesses may witness limitations when creating innovative or personalized textual content. It may not be possible to create unique texts every time. The video content may release businesses from this limitation, as there are hundreds of different ways to promote a brand. The businesses may create engaging promotional videos or may highlight their objectives through a video featuring the interview of office staff. It is also possible to give a personalized touch through infographics using animation or customer testimonials.

Improved aesthetics and message delivery

The presence of a video not only increases a website’s visibility or SEO ranking. It also improves a website’s overall appearance. The videos can make a website look dynamic. On the other hand, the static images of text messages can make a website look boring despite colorful infographics. Alongside the improved aesthetics, the videos also make it easier for a website to deliver messages. The viewers may gain detailed information on a subject after watching a video that runs for 2-3 minutes instead of reading a text that runs for 2-3 pages.


The videos are versatile in different aspects. Businesses may use videos to promote their brands on a variety of platforms, such as social media networks, television, or video-sharing websites. The businesses may also use the videos for unique presentations at seminars or events.

An engaging and concise video can capture viewers’ attention while delivering important facts. With a unique and engaging presentation, a brand may shine brightest amidst its competitors. Advanced video creation services can help businesses make impactful promotions with engaging, personalized, and informative videos.


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