8 Factors that influence the cost of producing an animated video

Learn about the factors that influence the cost of producing an animated video with this comprehensive guide. From animation complexity to project scope, understand the key considerations that impact production expenses.

8 Factors that influence the cost of producing an animated video
animated video production cost

This article provides an overview of the cost and factors that determine how much it will cost for one to produce an animated video. Companies and individuals need to consider the required resources before deciding on the costs of the animated video. One should also be aware that the prices are not just limited to finances but may also include time and energy, making this article more relevant, especially for those in business.

One of the many reasons people have become increasingly interested in learning about animation is that one can realize their inner vision through it. The ability of energy to melt hearts, inspire children, teach new skills, and express oneself makes it appealing for many individuals across different generations.

While many people are understandably interested in the cost of producing an animated video, a bigger consideration must be made. Aside from the cost, one should carefully analyze the time needed, their skills, and the purpose of creating the animated video to make an informed decision on how much to spend on it. The cost of creating an animated video is not only monetary but also involves other factors like time and energy. Various factors will determine how much it will cost for one to create an animation video. This article aims to outline some of those factors to help individuals who want to create their own animation video avoid making false assumptions about the costs of doing so.

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1.    Pre-Production (Concept, Scriptwriting, And Story Board):

Pre-Production is one of the essential stages of production. This is where one can take in all the information needed to create a great animation video. One should ensure that they have a clear plan and objective regarding the video before starting out on the production process. The pre-production process also includes coming up with the storyboard; this is essential because it will help you and your team reliably execute your vision.

2.    Video agency experience: 

One of the components that will help determine how much it will cost to produce your video is the experience of the animated video production agency. The more experience a video company has, the higher its costs are likely to be. Production companies with extensive experience have more resources and state-of-the-art equipment that they can rely on to execute any project with utmost precision and efficiency. Experience plays a big part in determining output quality when it comes to producing an animation video. An experienced video agency will be able to create higher quality videos as they have been in business for quite some time. The experience of a video agency also determines how much it will cost you to hire them.

3.    Custom Animation: 

A common misconception about custom animation production is that it involves a lot of money. While quality custom animation does cost a lot more than the cheaper alternatives, not all custom animation involves an enormous budget. The cost of producing a high-quality custom video will depend on the type of communication that you need to transmit and the resources available to execute it. Custom video production should be considered in cases where one wants to produce a particular message or if they want the video to be integrated into their existing visual identity. As opposed to traditional animation, which is limited in scope, custom animation involves the creation of a video that only exists for a specific purpose. Custom animation may create unique characters in identity, personality, and characteristics in certain cases. Such unique personalities necessitate unique designs and differentiating costs.

4.    Editing:

Editing is another factor that can determine the overall cost of your video. The more detailed the editing in your video, the more time, effort, and money it will take to produce a great finished product. The higher your video’s quality, the more time will be required to edit it to perfection. Great editing only comes with experience and expertise, as well as highly-trained staff members who understand how to produce a good result with precise details. The whole purpose of an animation video is to be highly engaging; if the editing is sloppy, it will do the opposite and put off the audience. Editing is essential to ensure that every scene and detail is properly depicted. The cost of editing also varies according to who you choose, as it is a skill that requires a lot of training. Furthermore, high-quality editing services come at a price.

5.    Equipment:

Another major cost element related to animation is the equipment required for production. The cost of the equipment will determine how much it will cost to produce the animation video. If you are looking for a dependable service provider, you should research and find out which company uses the most up-to-date equipment.

6.    Use of Motion Graphics in the video: 

Motion Graphics allow animation creation and more appealing designs to the human eye because they appear more realistic. However, Motion Graphics add a lot of value to the video, increasing its cost. Motion graphic animation integrates design and visuals with the movement that can be applied in video production. This is a very popular form of adding visual effects to a video, especially in those that involve changing scenes.

7.    Voice Over:

Voice-over is another important aspect of any animated video. This refers to the voice features that are used to depict characters in a video. While there is an option to use stock sounds, it is recommended that you find someone with the talent and experience needed for this process.

8. Video to be edited: 

The type of animation you want to produce will determine the type of equipment required for editing. For instance, it is unlikely for one to edit an action-based animation using a still camera. In contrast, it is quite common for documentary-style videos to be edited using digital cameras. Lastly, it will also determine how long it will take for one to edit their animation.


Although the article has provided a comprehensive list of factors determining the cost of an animated video, it should be kept in mind that these are just suggestions. The success or failure of your project will also depend on how resourceful you are in balancing your budget. To avoid making incorrect assumptions regarding the cost of an animated video, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and find the most reliable options available. For more information visit Krisha Studio.


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