How to increase ecommerce sales with video marketing

Learn how to increase eCommerce sales with video marketing strategies. From product demos to customer testimonials, discover effective techniques for engaging your audience and driving conversions in the competitive online marketplace.

How to increase ecommerce sales with video marketing
video marketing

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million words! Video is a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their brand, and products, and connect with their audience. Since videos provide valuable information to help audiences resolve their challenges, video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to build and nurture trust with their followers. Consequently, eCommerce businesses can leverage this tool to increase their sales. So, how do we increase e-commerce sales with video marketing? Read on to find out more.  

Why should I use video in e-commerce marketing?

87% of businesses report video marketing tool has directly influenced their sales growth. 

Businesses that use video marketing have reported a 49% revenue growth as compared to non-video users.

These statistics indicate that videos play a significant role in sharing content on the web, which educates and entertains the targeted audience to make purchase decisions.

Thus, E-commerce brands that invest their marketing budget in video marketing will generate more sales and revenue than their non-invested competitors.  

Is your E-commerce store harnessing the power of this tool?

How to increase e-commerce sales with Video Marketing 

1. Show different types of people using your products

Product videos are created to display a product. To make them more effective, show their use in different environments. 

For instance, an e-store that sells shoes should show a model wearing sports shoes while jogging in the park or running on a treadmill, another model can showcase them during a walk on the street, and yet another person can wear them during a dance event. This would help viewers understand the different shoe options available at the e-store and how a specific brand or shoe pair can benefit them. 

2. Explain how your product works

Product explainer videos describe the features and functionalities of a product. Such videos can easily boost sales for e-commerce businesses because consumers prefer to buy products that demonstrate their use.

The following statistics reveal the importance of including explainer videos on your product pages.

84% of consumers purchase after viewing an explainer video on the product.

A product page with an explainer video witnesses up to an 80% conversion rate. 

3. Share happy customer reviews/testimonials

Video testimonials are a robust strategy to depict the value of products or services. By connecting with your delighted customers and asking how your product derives value for them makes the hard sell, easy. 

89% of marketers agree that video testimonials are a highly effective marketing strategy because the audience prefers to watch than read the written testimonial. 

4. Prioritize authenticity over production value

88% of customers report that trust impacts their purchasing decisions. Thus, buyers are more persuaded by authentic and relatable marketing than loud advertisements. 

eCommerce brands seeking to improve their sales should show their trustworthiness through raw videos for storytelling instead of professionally edited videos. Thus, brands create an emotional connection with their audience through their natural selves without the marketing hype.

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5. Include subtitles and transcripts in your videos

Adding subtitles to the videos encourages higher user engagement. Further, it boosts the search engine rankings. According to Google: subtitles improve the screen time of a YouTube video which improves an SEO ranking.

6. Make them high-quality and professional-looking

High-quality videos are actively shared on social media and watched by your targeted audience. Thus, creating professional-looking and visually appealing videos will increase views and attract followers. Thus, a stunning video can convert the audience into buyers. 

Optimizing videos with suitable meta tags and descriptions will enable web browsers like Google to recognize the content type and display it to your targeted audience when they search for it. It would help boost the video’s rankings on the search results page. 

Using video editing software, you can create and trim videos, and create content that increases sales for your e-commerce store. 

7. Repurpose videos into short, shareable formats

Your work doesn’t stop at creating videos for your e-store. You need to repurpose content and distribute it across social media platforms if you want to increase sales. 

40% of Gen Z shoppers use Instagram and TikTok to find new brands on Google.

By creating short, informative, and engaging videos on such popular social media channels, you can easily capture 40% of the audience’s attention. 

Some of the formats that you can use for repurposing videos of your products are as follows. 

Convert videos into search-focused blogs to improve the visibility of your content on search engines. 

Convert a long video into several shorter videos for consumption on social media. 

Convert videos into smaller details to design infographics for Pinterest.

Convert video into a podcast to allow your targeted audience to interact with your product, brand, or e-store, innovatively. 


Videos are memorable because when the audience remembers its content, they will return to view their favorite content, which empowers e-stores to sell their products again. Thus, ensure videos are available across social media and eCommerce platforms and accessible on both laptop and mobile. Use video marketing to connect, engage, and sell to your potential customers, and boost sales and revenue of your e-commerce store. 


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