How to make an effective Explainer Video in 2022

Learn how to create highly effective explainer videos in 2022 with this comprehensive guide. From scripting to animation and distribution, discover expert tips and strategies to captivate your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

How to make an effective Explainer Video in 2022

Videos have become an important part of most digital marketing campaigns. They provide a way for businesses to reach their audience in a better and more interactive way. Moreover, watching videos leaves a more long-lasting impression on the minds of potential customers. There are various types of videos in digital marketing strategies, but explainer videos are the most influential type of video. Almost every new or existing customer watches an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. However, simply creating an explainer video will not pique the audience’s interest in your product. You have to create an effective explainer video to get the best results. Let’s discuss what this explainer video is and how you can create an explainer video.

What is an Explainer Video?

What is an Explainer Video - Krishastudio

An explainer video is a brief but powerful video that can entice potential customers while also explaining your product or service. It explains to them who you are, what you do, and what your product is. An effective explainer video informs the customer regarding the product or service you offer and why they should do business with you.

What Are The Benefits Of An Explainer Video?

What Are The Benefits Of An Explainer Video - KrishaStudio

An explainer video is the best way to explain your service or product to a customer. About 96% of customers watch an explainer video to learn something new about a product or service. Furthermore, an effective explainer video assists you in improving your SEO rankings, increasing sales conversion, and keeping users engaged for a longer period of time.

Where Can We Use The Explainer Video?

Where Can We Use The Explainer Video - KrishaStudio

It is necessary to place your effective explainer video on the right page of the website to attract more customers. You can place the explainer video on the homepage, landing page, or your social media feed. Some of the most effective places to display your explainer video are:

  • Homepage: You can place the explainer video on your website’s homepage to inform customers about your company and the services it provides.
  • Landing Page: You can place the explainer video on landing pages to match and enhance the content of your page.
  • Social media feeds: You can post the video on your social media profiles to advertise the new products you offer.
  • Paid social media campaigns: You can use a short explainer video to retarget the customers who have visited your website.
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns: If you are planning to offer a new service or product to your customers, then an effective explainer video is necessary for crowdfunding.
  • Presentations: It is not necessary to use the explainer video only online. You can also present videos at any event, presentation, or conference.

10 Steps To Making An Explainer Video

Steps To Making An Explainer Video - KrishaStudio

You can create an effective explainer video by following the steps below.

1. Research the topic:
Research the topic - KrishaStudio

Researching the topic is the most important step for creating an effective explainer video. The content should be relevant to your topic. It must not be complex and must provide step-by-step solutions to prevailing problems. You can use Google Analytics to search for the most trending video topics and create videos regarding the same. If you find a problem that most of the customers are facing, then you are halfway to creating an explainer video.

2. Select the type and style of video:
Select the type and style of video - KrishaStudio

There are many styles and types of explainer videos available that you can choose from as per your requirements. Some explainer video types are as follows:

  • It is the most preferred video type for explainer videos if you are working on any complex subject. Animated explainer videos are used to easily explain the theoretical concepts. It can be used in dealing with abstract matters like software.
  • Whiteboard: If your budget is low, then you can go for a whiteboard video. In this type of video, a person uses a whiteboard and pen to write and explain the various concepts.
  • Professionally shot: Rather than creating animations, a professionally shot video is captured directly in-camera. It is mainly used when users want to give a demo of any physical product. The live-action video lets you create an emotional connection with the audience.

Some Different Styles Of Explainer Videos Are As Follows:

  • Educational: The tutorials given to students regarding any subject or topic can be considered educational videos. Moreover, videos teaching the employees regarding any product are also educational videos.
  • Sales: The videos that are used to explain the benefits of a product or service are called “sales videos.”
  • Informative: This type of video only provides information about a product or service to its users.
3. Write the script:
Write the script - KrishaStudio

You must write your own script in order to attract more and more customers, as no one knows your customers better than you. A good script is the building block of an effective explainer video, as a video with too many animated elements can never be interactive.

4. Mockup of a storyboard:
Mockup of a storyboard - KrishaStudio

You should mock up a storyboard using tools like StudeioBinder to see if your visual aids match up with the storytelling. It will help you identify the problems that can occur before the shot of the video starts.

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5. Record audio:
Record audio - KrishaStudio

You also need to take care of the audio elements while creating an effective explainer video. A professional voice is sometimes the primary requirement of a video. You may also need the help of a voiceover actor to record your voice for you. 

6. Create the visual assets:

Create the visual assets - KrishaStudio

A still video can never interact with its users. You need to add some visual assets like moving logos, animations, still images, or live footage to make the video interactive and attractive. You also require knowledge of different software to create different types of visual aids.

7. Add music and effects:
Add music and effects - KrishaStudio

Music and sound can help you keep the concentration of users engaged with you. It can also help the moving elements of the video come to life and provide a better understanding. You must add the background music as per the tone of the video. Instead of going for paid music, you can use the free background music facilities provided by YouTube to create your explainer video.

8. Edit your video:
Edit your video - KrishaStudio

Once you have added visual assets, content, and sound to your video, it’s time to arrange them in synchronization. You may need to delete some parts of the video, rearrange the existing clips, add close-ups, or add any special effects. You can use any of the available explainer video software like Adobe Spark, InVideo, VideoScribe, Vyond, etc. to create an effective explainer video.

9. Test your video with the audience before:

Test your video with the audience before - KrishaStudio

Before uploading the video to the desired place, it is best to test the explainer video by showing it to a real-life audience. Instead of going to any family members or friends, try to deliver your video to your targeted audience. You may ask some questions regarding your product to the consumers once they have watched your video to analyze the effectiveness of your video.

10. Publish your video:
Publish your video - KrishaStudio

After the testing is completed, you can place the video on the homepage, landing page, or social media page. You may also use online video streaming platforms to host your explainer videos for better outreach and interaction with customers. Some of the major video streaming sites include Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia.


Videos are the newest weapon in digital marketing strategies. They can help you engage potential customers with your product or service. An effective explainer video can produce the maximum conversion rate for your product. Use the different styles and types of explainer videos as per your requirements and budget. Moreover, placing the explainer video in the right place can also make a huge difference sometimes, as an effective video on the correct page will guarantee maximum conversions.

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