Top 10 Motion Graphic Animation Trends of 2022

Explore the cutting-edge motion graphic animation trends of 2022 with this comprehensive overview. Learn about the key developments and emerging styles that are driving creativity and innovation in the field of animation.

Top 10 Motion Graphic Animation Trends of 2022

Animation has been the new face of attracting audiences and impacting business growth effectively in the world. Graphics animation is one of the most significant fields in Japan. Motion graphics are used in hundreds of fields right now, from video games to business advertisements, you will observe them almost everywhere. Moreover, social media is highly dependent on advertisement through motion graphic animation. In 2022, there are multiple trends of motion graphic animation.

Top Motion Graphic Animation Trends of 2022 - KrishaStudio

Here are the top 10 motion graphic animation trends in the present world. 

Thin Lines
Thin Lines - KrishaStudio

Lines are the basic building blocks when it comes to animation. They give shape to something and design it. Lines are used in almost every design or animation. As per the latest trends, lines help us guide or direct something. They also help in 2D animation and assist in developing techniques for social media advertisements. These lines make simple animations and elegant animation, which look incredibly decent. Suitable for short animations and informative animation, thin lines are usually used for professional purposes like an animation for a business idea and many more.

Animated collage
Animated collage - KrishaStudio

This type of animation is primarily used in the present era. People use this animation for both professional and non-professional purposes. For instance, many animations created for the music industry are based on this trend. So, what is an animated collage? It is a type of trend in which a large number of images are processed at the same time on the screen. All these images are cropped and edited to look attractive as a collage. Even many animations on social media are based on animated collages.

Mixing 2D and 3D animation
Mixing 2D and 3D animation - KrishaStudio

Mixing 2D and 3D animation is considered one of the most typical types of animation. In this trend, the animation is 2D in nature. However, it appears like 3D imagery. This method of animation is usually used for large projects. One of the best examples of this type of animation is Japanese anime. Projects like Mob psycho are considered one of the best examples of mixing 2D and 3D animation. You can easily observe this type of animation for large-scale business advertisements. Irrespective of its advantages, combining 2D and 3D animation requires a large budget. A project of just a few minutes will easily cost you hundreds of bucks.

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Kinetic Typography
Kinetic Typography - KrishaStudio

Kinetic typography is considered the most basic and straightforward way of animation. Have you seen animation in terms of words and letters? Yes, that animation is known as kinetic typography. This animation helps you build a text with multiple colors and is in kinetic motion. The kinetic movement can be in any direction or method. This animation is usually seen in GIFs and short animations used for political campaigns or surveys.

Liquid engagement
Liquid engagement - KrishaStudio

This is the most common animation that you can see on almost every platform. However, it is usually used on platforms like YouTube. Have you ever seen the introduction of a channel where multiple colored liquids mix into each other to show the intro? Yes, that animation is precisely known as liquid engagement. These are affordable animations, and they look outstanding when you have to introduce something.

Morphing - KrishaStudio

Morphing is a new concept in animation and has been trending recently. This type of animation includes changing of shapes as they evolve. Companies like Google usually use them to attract more audiences. However, it is a new type of animation. However, it is overgrowing in the world. You can easily find this animation for business ideas and YouTube videos.

Isometric shapes
Isometric shapes - KrishaStudio

Isometric shapes are used to create a 3D environment on the screen. This animation is usually used in the video gaming industry. There are multiple examples of this animation. However, the best example is when you see a city in the 3D view from the sky. Isometric shapes animation has various shapes of almost the exact nature. This animation is considered the best to make an open-world 3D view through motion graphics. 

Retro - KrishaStudio

Retro animation is one of the oldest types of animation at present. The good thing is people love vintage animation. It acts as nostalgia for them and reminds them of the past. Retro consists of imagery and motion effects of the 60s and 70s. These animations are aimed at targeting the aged population of the world. However, a large portion of the young public is attracted to this type of animation. Retro animation has multiple benefits compared to other energies. First of all, it is easy to process and engages a broad audience.

Grain effect and texture effect
Grain effect and texture effect - KrishaStudio

Grain effects are the most common animation used in informative videos. You will quickly observe them in animations for universities and research projects. They usually use grain effect and direction symbols to highlight something. This effect is also used to highlight something in the video. Therefore, the grain effect, as well as the texture effect, is an effective tool. This animation is considered the brightest one as many colors are used on the same screen.

Glitch - KrishaStudio

What comes to your mind by the term glitches? Yes, something related to computer malware. Well, the motion effect is based on the same. This animation is usually used to refer to the future through the video. You will observe this animation in large-scale and small-scale animation projects. Another reason behind its spread is its affordability. All these factors make Glitch animation the most trending motion graphic animation globally.


These were just a few motion graphic animation trends in the market. There are thousands of motion graphic animations in the market. Each has its unique identity. As a customer, it is necessary to be aware of your own requirements, as these trending animations don’t need to be the best to depict your idea. Moreover, trends change over time. Therefore, these motion graphics don’t need to be used after a year. Graphic animation is a vast field with almost no limitations. If you have an idea in your mind, then it can be implemented through animation. Want to know more? visit us at KrishaStudio.


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