How can you use animated video in your social media strategy?

Explore how animated videos can elevate your social media strategy. Learn effective tips for creating and incorporating animated content to engage your audience, increase brand visibility, and drive results on social platforms.

How can you use animated video in your social media strategy?
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Molecular biologist John Medina stated that the vision of human beings was the most dominant sense. It takes about half of the resources of the human brain. This is the reason why people tend to learn more from visual information like videos. This is also why there is a huge demand for the animated video segment. Any kind of visual information can be processed faster by an individual. Hence, there is a demand for visual media content on social media in recent times.

Facebook has an average of 4 billion videos streaming daily on the site.

Keeping in mind these statistics will enable you to use animated videos for your social media strategy:

  1. You can put a video on the landing page and this will increase your lead conversions.
  2. One-third of the online activity by an individual involves watching videos.
  3. The users of YouTube watch more than 3 billion hours of video content monthly. This is as per a report of YouTube.
  4. Executives search for more information about a product or service after seeing a social media video.

Why use animated videos?

Why use animated videos - KrishaStudio

Since everyone understands the value of videos now, every company is trying to catch the attention of the customers by making videos of their products or services. As a result, there is cut-throat competition among them. An explainer video might be boring for the target audience. You need the audiences to engage with the video and this is where you can use an animated video.

A huge number of users like watching videos to reading content. This has led to an increase in the huge number of videos on social media. The animated videos can be used for a better generation of leads and also for the conversion of these leads. It has been found that a lot of customers avoid talking with salespersons. It is at this point that animated videos can be very helpful for marketers. They can use them to promote the products to the target audience.

Why animation videos work better than other visual formats?

Why animation videos work better - KrishaStudio
Retaining the attention of the viewers

The audiences on the internet have shorter attention spans and they devote little time to reading an article or watching a video. With the help of an animated video, you will be able to trigger emotions in them. It will lead to conversations among the audience and they will follow the story. Animation till now is not well known as an instrument for marketing. Hence, the audiences will be paying more attention to animated videos than to traditional advertisements.

Google Doodles is a fine example of animated videos. The animations make you want to click on them and see what is the information.

Animated videos help simplify complicated topics

With the help of an animated video, you can give life to those concepts that you cannot present with live videos. You can use animation to make the characters talk, fly or even travel. This will make the customers more engaged with the video.

For example, an educational channel TED-Ed on YouTube uses animated videos for promoting educational content. They have over three million subscribers on YouTube. They use animations to explain topics like how food affects our brain and so on.

Animation helps bring back memories

Most individuals associate cartoons with great childhood memories. Animation helps us become nostalgic about those times. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Nostalgia can fight depression and other negative emotions that you might experience.

Animated videos are fun

Whether you are talking about business or education, who does not love getting entertained? The more you can entertain with your video on social media, the more the audiences will share them. Animation adds an X factor to the video.

Animation is fit for every kind of content

An animated video can be a good fit for release announcements, product explainer videos, and even infographics. The marketers understand the importance of animated videos. Hence it has been found that only seven percent of the videos are non-animated on platforms like HubSpot, Switch Video, and Video Brewery.

Animation is relatively pocket-friendly

One of the major benefits of using an animated video is that it is relatively pocket-friendly when compared with live videos. For producing a high-quality live video, you would have to spend a huge amount of money. You will have to hire actors, shoot the film, edit it and then promote it. However, with about a fraction of the work, you can make an animated explainer video for your product or services.

How to use animated videos in social media strategy?

With the growth in popularity of animated videos, it is not a big surprise that they will be used for social media strategies. However, one must bear in mind some important factors so that they can make the video successful.

Keeping the videos short
Keeping the videos short - KrishaStudio

The videos that you post must be short and entertaining. They must have the ability to get the attention of the user from the first second. For example, if you are posting videos on Facebook, it has to be shorter than the ones you post on YouTube. Tasty by BuzzFeed is a great example of how well short videos perform on Facebook.

Think about autoplay
Think about autoplay - KrishaStudio

You will find that the videos in the News Feed begin to play automatically. The task of the video creator is to catch the attention of the viewers from the first second itself. The videos in the News Feed play without any sound. Hence, the content must be catchy so that it attracts attention without any sound. Animation can help a lot in these cases.

Give a good feeling to the audience
Give a good feeling to the audience - KrishaStudio

When you will be creating an animated video for the social media handles, keep in mind the fact that people will see the videos besides a picture or status update of their family member, relative, or friend. If you want that the audience will share the video more and also like it, then make it appealing and interesting for them. People usually share the stuff that makes them look good in front of their peers.

Make different videos for different social media
Make different videos for different social media - KrishaStudio

To derive the maximum benefits from animated videos, make sure you create different kinds of videos for the different social media handles. You can use YouTube for education, Twitter for more audience engagement, Facebook for the personal touch, and Snapchat for getting attention. With the help of animated videos, you will be able to see which video works the best for your social media strategy.

Try animating other kinds of content
Try animating other kinds of content - KrishaStudio

Video must not be the only kind of content that you will share on the social media handles. The “Why posts”, infographics are some of the other content that gets a good amount of shares on social media. You can try and make this content animated for the audience. There is a high chance that this will become viral within a few days.

If video is the king, then an animated video surely is the queen. Animation is just the thing that will give an edge to your marketing strategy on social media. It will appeal to the audiences, catch their attention and also generate good revenue for your company.


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