How to create a powerful testimonial video that converts?

Learn how to create testimonial videos that drive conversions with this comprehensive guide. From selecting the right participants to structuring your video for maximum impact, discover the key strategies for crafting compelling and persuasive testimonial content.

How to create a powerful testimonial video that converts?

96% of people say they don’t trust advertisements. Isn’t that enormous?   

With an increase in social media and word-of-mouth recommendations, advertising’s effectiveness has suffered. Consumers now frequently turn to customer reviews when making purchases, be it an expensive software subscription or a mattress. 

This is where an effective testimonial video comes into play for your company.

These movies not only entice viewers to purchase but they are also well-liked by viewers. Here’s proof: 79% of customers have looked at a testimonial video to get information about a company, product, or service.

That’s not all, though. According to the same survey, two-thirds of consumers say that they are more likely to buy something after watching a testimonial film that shows how a product or service has helped someone similar to them.

If you are looking to find out more about why customer testimonial videos are important and how you can create the best one for your business, check out this blog. 

Why Create Customer Testimonial Videos?

A customer testimonial is a feedback from a previous client in which they discuss their experience with your company, product, or service.

Testimonials can be quite effective in attracting new consumers. According to studies, 92% of buyers check internet reviews before making a purchase, with nearly 90% of shoppers believing that assessment as much as a personal suggestion.

Positive customer reviews serve as social proof for brands, helping them gain the respect and confidence of prospective clients. This is especially true for video testimonials. 

Let’s understand with an example: How often do you check Yelp reviews of a business before visiting? And how many of those reviews were unreliable, a little ambiguous, or published by anonymous or untrustworthy individuals? 

Well, on the other hand – videos including customer testimonials are more detailed and interactive than textual reviews. They consist of actual customers that other consumers can see, hear, and rely on. Furthermore, a big portion of the audience prefers interactive video to monotonous feedback text.  A video can add an added dimension of authenticity and emotion to a client testimonial.

As you can see, when utilized properly, customer testimonial videos can help persuade doubting consumers and be utilized to highlight the advantages of products as well as the range of issues they can resolve.

Step-by-step process to create customer testimonial videos

1. Target the right buyer persona 

Target the right buyer persona - KrishaStudio

Customers are searching for products with obvious and tangible value after being bombarded with advertisements and marketing messages that don’t speak to them. How can you get into their thoughts and find out what they look out for in a testimonial video?

By examining your buyer personas to determine each consumer segment’s wants, objectives, values, difficulties, and pain points. 

By doing this, you’ll be able to more clearly define the message you wish to convey in each testimony. Furthermore, you will contact the appropriate customers and ask pertinent questions, resulting in a meaningful and captivating story with facts that resonate with each client category.

Make your video testimonial stand out by mentioning that particular consumer category. With the relevant buyer persona in mind and engaging video, you’ll be providing a clear and concise message, allowing people to make decisions more quickly.

2. Showcase a transformative experience through your video! 

Showcase a transformative experience - KrishaStudio

Movies with transformed characters are incredibly popular. Likewise, people adore companies whose testimonial videos produce a similarly life-changing experience.

Transformation depicts the customer’s life before and after utilizing your product. When you concentrate on transformation, your prospects will find it difficult to resist taking action on your testimonial video because they see their life after utilizing your product.

When it comes to transformation, you want an answer to any or all of the following queries through the testimonial video:

  • Which of your customer’s desires did the product help to fulfill?
  • After utilizing your product, what objectives did your customer accomplish?
  • Which frustrations and fears did your product help to eliminate?

If you can convince prospects to determine with the featured customer and relate to their success story, you’ll be well on your way to minimizing sales cycle friction and speeding up the sales process. 

3. Choose your most successful customer for the testimonial video

Choose your most successful customer - KrishaStudio

Selecting the person who will be the star of a testimonial video is the first step towards its creation. Make sure to select a client with whom you have a good working relationship and who has benefited much from your business, service, or product.

Clear, measurable achievements will serve as an excellent talking point in your testimonial video, as well as persuade potential consumers to take action. 

Here are some of the reasons why choosing the most successful star can make all the difference: 

  • Credibility: A successful customer brings credibility to your testimonial, as their achievements demonstrate real-world value and satisfaction with your offering.
  • Relatability: Potential customers can better connect with a success story that resonates with their own needs and aspirations, enhancing the video’s effectiveness.
  • Demonstrable Results: A customer with clear, quantifiable results offers crucial evidence of your product’s or service’s effectiveness.
  • Inspirational: A successful customer’s journey can inspire and motivate potential clients, encouraging them to take action and choose your product or service.

4. Plan for the video(Properly) 

Plan for the video - KrishaStudio

The amount of planning that goes into preparing the film is the difference between a common testimonial video and one that impresses your target audience.

After you’ve confirmed the client, it’s time to start planning the filming and editing of your testimonial video.

This project charter template can be used to establish the fundamentals of your testimonial film, such as objectives, roles & responsibilities, budget, and scope specifics. All the planning in the initial phase goes a long way and ensures desired results. 

Here are a few more points to consider when you’re planning for a testimonial video:

  • Story: Provide your consumer with a list of questions you plan to ask them in an email, a week or two before your video shoot.
  • Camera Equipment: You can have the best product and the best story in the world, but it won’t matter if your message isn’t presented effectively. And that’s precisely the point at which having high-quality equipment becomes crucial. 
  • Location: Another essential element of your video testimonial is its location. To avoid distractions during the shoot, it is ideal to choose a place with excellent natural lighting and no surrounding noise. 
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5. Take many angles

In the days or weeks coming up to the recording, you should think about the many alternatives for the setting. Which would you prefer—indoors or outside? At the workplace or somewhere else in your city? or even at their house? And when does it seem to be the best?

Lighting is crucial in any video. Try to see how each option might look on camera by testing it out beforehand, if at all possible. However, the location and timing of your testimonial video also depend on the goods or services you are trying to sell. 

You must ensure that their face is visible and that their speech is clear. It also implies that the background shouldn’t be noisy at all. 

Once more, email the interviewee with the information as soon as you’ve settled on the time and place. In addition, following the shot, you should correctly prepare the edit to improve the quality and results of your testimonial video. 

6. The focus should be on your customers! 

The focus should be on your customers! - KrishaStudio

Making a video testimonial requires collaboration. Yes, you’re utilizing it to boost conversions, but there’s no reason you can’t also use it to highlight your incredible clientele!

Having your consumers introduce themselves at the beginning of your testimonial video is a terrific idea. Additionally, you ought to figure out how to put your clients at ease in front of the camera. Since most people find it awkward to be the subject of a camera, it’s critical to make the time necessary to let your client feel at ease. After they settle down, you can showcase your customers. 

Here’s why it’s critical to give your customers extra attention: 

  • It starts a story.
  • It provides viewers with someone to relate to.
  • It adds honesty and authenticity to the testimonial video

So, make sure to give your clients much-needed screen time and be real throughout the video. 

7. Incorporate the (much-needed) depth through overlays! 

Incorporate the depth through overlays! - KrishaStudio

Breaking up long stretches of person-to-camera video in the editing process is a critical technique to prevent monotony in the customer testimonial video, boost interaction, and maintain viewer engagement. 

As we have previously discussed, incorporating diverse angles and scenes is effective, but adding text overlays can further enhance the video’s depth and appeal. The key to a successful testimonial video lies in its ability to tell a compelling story, and overlays play a crucial role in this. 

This one-of-a-kind approach segments the content into more digestible portions and injects personality and professionalism into the video. To take it a step further, businesses can integrate dynamic images or utilize online video editing tools, especially when visual elements are crucial to their message. 

These techniques break the monotony while ensuring that the video remains captivating, informative, and aligned with the brand’s identity and objectives.

8. Trim the video down

Trim the video down - KrishaStudio

Even if the substance of your video is excellent, it may be lost if the quality is bad or the video is too long. As a result, you’ll need to conduct a significant amount of post-production editing. If you leave the camera rolling during the interview, you will have to go in and do a lot of content editing. Remove any sections of the video that are repetitive, redundant, wrong, or bloopers. 

While a testimonial video might be amusing at times, the idea is for it to be a professional customer interview rather than a comedy film.

At the end of the day, you want a short, authentic, clear, and well-produced video. According to Animoto, 59.9% of people said that a video that was too long would discourage them from watching it. Whoa. In other words, ask all the questions you have prepared for your customers, but just use the best two or four answers for the final cut. In this situation, quality trumps quantity.

9. Don’t make it look fake

Don’t make it look fake - KrishaStudio

Fake and prepared videos put off potential customers. When you force your consumers to follow a script instead of telling their tales, you will lose credibility in your testimonial video, making it less interesting and relevant to your prospective clients.

This is not to say that engaging testimonial videos do not have a rough script. Using scripts allows your customers to express themselves clearly without having to be told how to do so.

Unscripted video testimonials help your prospects connect with your customers, improving their likelihood of converting. You should go into the video with a clear interview system, but you should never compel your customers to say anything or script them.

The impact of testimony lies in the fact that it is real and human—don’t diminish that by using overly prepared videos that feel rigid or fake. 

10. Repurpose the videos across multiple channels

Repurpose the videos - KrishaStudio

As soon as your video is ready for publication, submit it to the customer for a final evaluation. They should be satisfied with their testimony before it is distributed. It will once more increase their level of trust. 

Post it on your social media accounts, since these days, videos are frequently and widely shared on these platforms. You can share the whole clip on Facebook and a shorter version on Instagram and Twitter with a link to the complete version. 

Try adding it to your business’s website and using it in your email newsletter for subscribers to further boost the visibility of your testimonial videos and level up the authenticity of the video. The more chances there are for potential customers to watch the video, the more beneficial it is to your company. So, the essence lies in repurposing across multiple channels accordingly to get the best results. 

To Wrap things up!

Making an impactful testimonial video can help you build stronger relationships with your present clients in addition to increasing conversions. 

Utilize storytelling and best video production techniques to create compelling testimonial videos that can optimize your exposure to a wider audience and develop social proof.

A video testimonial can help you build your audience’s trust by showing how others like them use your product or service, while also elevating your social media game and increasing conversions and client loyalty. 

This not only uses social proof to convince people to buy, but it also allows viewers to imagine what your offer can bring them.

But, good things don’t just come along. A good testimonial video that strikes the right chord requires constant effort and professional guidance. If you are looking for a leading video production company, then Krisha Studio is your trusted partner for the same. We have a team of experts who can understand your business needs and offer customized video development services. 


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